Are you ready for the Cyclone?

The new Cyclone from EnviroVent is a modern, energy efficient alternative to traditional extract ventilation for your home.

Through our normal daily routines of washing, cooking, showering etc, we create an awful lot of moisture, particularly in the kitchen, bathroom, en-suite and utility room. The good news is the Cyclone controls humidity levels in those areas of the home where you need it the most – without you even having to think about it thanks to its cool function – automatic vapour control!

Energy Saving Automatic Vapour Control

This clever feature can sense the amount of moisture being created in the room where the fan is fitted. In a nutshell, it increases the fan’s speed to match the rising humidity (water vapour) – to extract all the excess moisture. It then decreases the speed of the fan once the level of excess moisture has been reduced. Not only does this smart function reduce the wear and tear on the fan’s motor, it also helps to keep your energy costs down as well.

Impressive Extract Fan Technology…

The Cyclone incorporates the latest patented Cyclone Separation Technology, which allows moisture-laden air to expand directly out into the atmosphere, resulting in the quiet extraction of stale, moist air.

Due to this innovative technology, no filters are required, the air is extracted out cleanly and quietly, without the risk of clogged, unhygienic filters. This is especially beneficial, as dirty filters only lead to low performance and noisy ventilation systems.

Easy to maintain and install

The Cyclone is a great 21st century alternative to a traditional extract fan, perfect for WC, bathroom, kitchen and utility rooms and there’s even a low voltage version available for extra safety in bathrooms. The fan can be wall or ceiling mounted, it can be even installed in-line into a ceiling or on to a window -the Cyclone fan fits all!

What’s more, The Cyclone has been designed for ease of cleaning and servicing in mind, making for filter-free and fuss-free cleaning.

For more information on The Cyclone or anymore of our ventilation systems please don’t hesitate to contact the experts at EnviroVent today on 0845 27 27 807 or visit

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