Yuk... It's mould!

Mould spores


Mould problems are more commonplace that you think with 1 in 5 British homes suffering from issues with condensation or black mould. Just like embarrassing bodies, mould is an embarrassment that no homeowner wants to shout about. Removing mould can be problematic, yes you can paint over it but unless you remove what is causing the appearance of black mould it will only come back to haunt you time and time again.

Plagued by mould? Good news.... EnviroVent can provide you with a permanent solution to solve all your mould woes through our innovative range of ventilation solutions. With over twenty five years of successful mould busting across the UK, EnviroVent’s energy efficient Mr Venty products provide an all year round healthy indoor environment free from condensation and mould.

What causes mould?

MouldThe usual suspect for the cause of mould within your home is prolonged condensation. Continuous condensation problems are usually accompanied by black mould, an unsightly fungus which rears its ugly head around window frames, on walls, doors, ceilings, furniture and, it can even appear on your clothes hanging inside a wardrobe or closet. A home suffering from poor ventilation will be vulnerable to both condensation and mould problems.

MouldMould moves through the air as miniature spores heading for damp, wet areas of the home such as bathrooms, basements and attics. In fact, any location where condensation or damp is found is a suitable environment for mould spores to thrive. Mould is a known allergen and irritant with an established reputation as a trigger for respiratory problems. If you have ever smelt a musty mildew like whiff in a basement or loft you probably have had a closer encounter with gas produced from a fungal colony without even suspecting it. Breathing in this stuff can affect your physical wellbeing. You could be left with a headache or feeling very tired or sick, it really is in your best interest to live in a mould free home.

What is Mildew?

Like mould, mildew is a type of fungi, usually found in showers, on fabrics and on paper. Its appearance is light and powdery, whereas mould is usually thicker and normally green or black in colour compared to mildew which is grey or white. Both mould and mildew thrive in moist, warm environments with high levels of humidity and poor ventilation.

In addition to the above, (and as any keen gardener knows) mildew is also a scientific term for a type of disease that affects plants.

Don't paint over the problem

Happy mould free customers

"For the first time in 3 years we are mould free. No more windows open day and night, no more wiping puddles of water from window sills and we can see out of our windows as the condensation is gone. In short, this is the best investment we have ever made. It has transformed our lives here. Thank you very much!"

Rebecca Sykes, Birmingham

"Until recently a corner of our en-suite shower room, suffered badly with damp and mould despite having an extractor fan fitted. The correct placement and fitting of an EnviroVent Silent 100 fan, plus the expert advice given by the highly knowledgeable and professional electrical engineers, has successfully helped cure the problem.

My wife and I would like to thank all the EnviroVent staff involved and would highly recommend the Company to any potential customer."

Alan & Karen McLean, Lytham, Lancashire